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Advanced Services

In order for your company to operate successfully, information systems and the network must work together to deliver services without disruption. However, figuring out which products are best suited to the environment and figuring out their implementation, is often a challenge that no business owner or IT manager has time to face.

Before deciding which technology products to invest in, businesses must go through a system delivery lifecycle process which includes six phases: prepare, plan, design, implement, operate and optimize.

But here's something not many of our customers know about. At Madison Solutions, Inc., (MSI), we are able to add value across this entire planning lifecycle through our Advanced Services portfolio. Together with you, we can offer your business the services you need, when you need them.

Whether it is taking advantage of our professional consulting services, or our remote managed services offering, we help customers like you better mitigate their operational risks, accelerate their time to market and achieve maximum ROI on their infrastructures, regardless of whichever lifecycle phase they are in.



IP Services

The major challenge for organizations is to ensure that their technology systems are efficient, scalable, and sustainable and improve business performance at a low cost of ownership. Madison Solutions IP Performance is well positioned to address your diverse technology (application and IT Infrastructure) transformation and optimization needs.

At Madison Solutions, our CCIE level experience helps you in providing thought leadership, building high performance applications, and supporting infrastructure components to our clients. We specialize in the areas of user experience with expertise in application and infrastructure architecture.

We leverage our proven methodologies to help you realize top system performance consistently and derive the maximum value from your IP systems. We have delivered measurable business benefits to several clients worldwide, including some in the Fortune 500 list.



Security Services

Comprehensive, transparent, and cost-efficient, our security designs helps to enhance threat management and monitoring capabilities, drive compliance and achieve security efficiencies. Our next generation Firewall solutions are designed around Palo Alto and Cisco. The security solution enables you to implement and maintain a security strategy that will not only addresses your organization's objective of information security program to reduce risk but will also provide the reasonable assurance for regulatory compliance requirement.



Transformation Solutions

Madison Solutions Transformation Solutions focus on the optimization and transformation of enterprise IP infrastructure. The goal is to transform your traditional computing environments, which are plagued with poor utilization, high complexity, and high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), into highly efficient, agile, and optimized infrastructure, capable of meeting business goals effectively.


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